Attleboro High
chool Football

Finish Strong !! 

The Attleboro High School football team proudly shows their Blue Pride by helping with Day 1 of the construction of the new concession stand....

AHS Players Giving Back to APW...

Over the past several weeks, five members of the Attleboro High School varsity football team have brought their talents down to Haywood Field.  Brendan Massey, Evan Vieira, Sean Donnelly, Shane Donnelly and Cody Carr have been assisting the Attleboro Pop Warner D Team coaches during their practices and games.  The D Team coaches have commented on how much more the kids are picking up when instructed by the varsity players.  The D Team coaches wanted to thank all the players, Coach Strachan and the entire Attleboro High School football program for their support.

The Cheerleaders at this year's 2014 Attleboro Youth Baseball Challenger Tournament.  The cheerleaders have been proud supporters of the Challenger Tournament since its inception.